Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Days

It snowed yesterday.  It snowed a lot.  Okay it snowed a lot for St. Louis.  I think we got 9 inches or something like that.  So we've been around doing snow stuff (whatever that means).

I decided first thing yesterday that it would be great to take the kids out in the snow.
See Audrey making a snow angel in the background?
There it is
 Can't forget to eat some
 Turns out Gus isn't a big fan of snow.  Unfortunately for Audrey and I he started crying after 5 minutes.  So back inside we went.

Tell us what you really think of the snow Gussie
 Time for some hot cocoa (or hot coconut as Audrey calls it)
 We decided to make some tissue paper snow flakes.  This is a great project to do after Christmas to use up all that tissue paper.  You just cut it into strips (or rip it), put it on a plate and paint liquid laundry starch over it.  When it dries, it gets hard and sticks together.  Then you have snowflakes, or sun catchers depending on the season.
 These were pretty colorful snowflakes
 And Gussie recovered from his harrowing trip out into the arctic.  Here's my happy boy.

And here he is all gussied up for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa O.  Gussie, all gussied up.  Oh goodness that's a bad one. 
 Note his snow day appropriate footwear

Today, I couldn't talk them into going back outside.  Fine with me, it is much colder today.  Sadly I couldn't talk Audrey into any arts and crafts either.  But we did play a rousing game of Frog Prince.

Here's poor prince charming who has been turned into a frog.
 "Hey, I don't want to be a frog!"
 Oh thank goodness.  Here comes a princess
Poof!  Here's the handsome prince
 And the beautiful princess.

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