Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Projects

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions.  Pretty sure this is the only time I've ever made one and we didn't really stick to it.  We did start cooking more and we have ever since, but the chore lists were done by February.  So this year instead of making resolutions, we are thinking about projects for the year.  Or setting goals if you will.  Just not resolutions ;)  I don't want to make a big post about everything so I'll just mention things as we work on them.

I've been sick and tired of how messy and disorganized our house has been lately.  I was feeling like I just couldn't get things done at all.  I would try and try but it never seemed to work.  Chore lists certainly aren't for me.  So I was thinking back to times when I felt more organized.  Times when I used to be able to get things done. Those times have always been the times when I had the most on my plate.  The more things I have to juggle, the more I get done.

Keeping this in mind, I figured my solution was to give my day more structure.  The kids give me a bit of structure.  I have to work around preschool and naps and mealtimes.  But I have way too much discretionary time as well.  Instead of having chore lists for the whole day, I made a schedule with time for different categories of chores getting done at different times of the day.  I started last Monday and it has been going so well.  Not only is the house much more organized but I also seem to have more time with the kids AND more free time for myself.  And let's not forget, more time to blog.  It's truly amazing.  And hopefully life changing.

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