Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mid-week update

This beautiful guy decided our stained glass was a great place to hang out.  He was there all day on Tuesday.

Monday was a cloudy day around here.  We all slept in and hung around all day.  Audrey's new pre-school teachers stopped by to introduce themselves and show Audrey pictures of her classroom.  They both seemed nice and Audrey is so excited to start school on the 13th!

Tuesday we headed out to the Science Center.  Here's Audrey using (and sometimes misusing) a lot of sciency stuff. 

And here's what Gus thought about the dinosaur noises coming from the lower level.  "They're going to get us Mama!"

After naps (and after I had already cooked dinner) we went to El Maguey with Grandma and Grandpa O.

Wednesday was another quiet day.  Not much happened.  But we did get to eat the dinner I made Tuesday night.  Oh my goodness was it good.  I made this recipe chicken spaghetti.  It was creamy and rich, time consuming to make, and probably horribly unhealthy but so delicious.  I can't wait to have it again tonight!

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