Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was a pretty nice weekend around here.  Friday night we had Will's family over for dinner because Aunt Jennie, baby Leigh and Aunt Jackie were all in town.  I made chicken spaghetti again and it was a hit.  That stuff is pretty addicting.  Audrey had so much fun playing with baby Leigh.  She's walking now!

Then once everyone left, we walked over to the Balloon Glow in Forest Park.  We had never been before, and it was really cool.  Audrey's favorite balloon was the Werhenberg theater giant bag of popcorn balloon. We walked around for a while and saw as many balloons as we could.  We were so close we could feel the heat when they lit up the balloons.  But we had our huge stroller so negotiating the crowd was a bit of a problem.  Unfortunately there was no way to walk that far with both kids without it. 

Tonight I made Sunday dinner.  I made beef stroganoff and the most delicious pumpkin spice muffins for dessert (I skipped the frosting because I was origionally going to make them for lunch, but they were still a great dessert w/out it).  Oh my goodness were they good.  I really do make lots of different recipes, not just ones from Pioneer Woman.  But her recipes are always our favorites so I haven't bothered posting about any of the other recipes.  Anyway, with the holidays coming up, I highly recommend these muffins. 

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