Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random stuff

I was going to call this picture "yikes, stripes."  That's what Will said when he saw it.  But lets face it, that doesn't really convey the true spirit of this outfit (which I wish I could blame on the 3 year old, but let's face it, she doesn't dress her brother).  I mean this outfit is a truely frighting combo of stripes and colors.  Yikes doesn't cut it.  Why did I do this to my child?  And why am I posting pics of it?  Because he is so handsome, he can pull it off. 

(this seems like the appropriate response to being dressed like this)

Here's my handsome boy in a nicer outfit.  This is his sweater that Nana knit for him.  It was actually cool enough over the weekend for him to wear it. 

And here's big sissy cuddling with Aunt Sam after she got her haircut.  Now she's all cleaned up for pre-school.  She starts next week!

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