Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Way-back Wednesday

I think on Wednesdays I'm going to post pics of all the stuff that happened while I wasn't blogging. We'll call it way-back Wednesday. Brilliant!

We'll start with the Fourth of July, 2008.
Watching the parade w/ daddy

After the parade, we spent the rest of the day at Aunt Jennie and Uncle Gary's Wedding!

With Cousin William (look how much she loves him)
With Aunt Sam
Meeting some of her cousins
With Grandpa O.
With Daddy and Uncle Steve
Mommy, Daddy and Deedee (great-grandma)
In retrospect, I didn't take many pics at the wedding. I didn't even get any of the bride and groom. I guess we were having too much fun!!!


andy said...

Great blog Shannon. I like how big the pictures are when you click on them!

AJsmommy said...

Thanks Andy. I didn't even realize you could click the pics and make them bigger. It is cool :)

~Steph said...

Way Back Wednesday is a great name. Brilliant for thinking of it :) I LOVE your hair straight. You look like a totally different person!