Friday, May 22, 2009

On Monday, Audrey and I figured out we could walk to this playground. I knew if we kept going on our normal walk we would get there, but I wasn't sure how far it was. They just opened a new tunnel into Forest Park near our house and it makes the walk a lot shorter. It was still quite a walk, but doable.
Audrey on the playground. First P (her pig) goes down the slide, then Audrey.

We took a break at this fountain. It's normally where we turn around to go back.

And here's Audrey chasing some ducks on the way home. Poor ducks.

On Tuesday we went to the Zoo (yes again), but I forgot the camera.
Here's Audrey playing outside on Thursday. She loves her new purple princess skirt! Thanks Great-Grandma!

Here's Audrey riding her trike on Thrusday.

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