Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday - Grant's Farm!

Grant's Farm is one of the more unique attractions in St. Louis.  It's owned by the Busch family and run by AB Inbev (formerly just AB).  This attraction is not free, but it's still a great value and one of our favorite places to visit.

Grant's Farm

A trip to Grant's Farm starts with a tram ride through the deer park where there are lots of different animals to see.

The tram lets you off at the main park area.  There are plenty of animals and other attractions.  There is also an awesome beer garden with plenty of pretzels and brats.

We decided to buy Audrey a fun pass which included two bottles of milk to feed the goats, a ride on the carousel and a snowcone.

Then we saw a bunch of cool animals.

Lil' Sebastian

Gussie is not sure about camels
The best part about Grant's farm is (DUH!) the free beer.  That's right, every visitor gets two pretty good size samples of AB products.  Back before Inbev came along, there used to be a huge selection of products to choose from.  Now there are usually only six or so beers on tap, but you still can't beat it.

As I said before, Grant's Farm is not entirely free.  Admission is free, but you have to pay $11 to park (and there's no free parking nearby).  We also spent $5 on Audrey's fun pass and $15 for food.  The food expenses could have been avoided by coming earlier, but then it would have been too early for free beer.  So it was a trade off ;)

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Bill said...

Was always one of my favorite St. Louis attractions, Grant's Farm and The Magic House.... good times!