Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A bunch of pictures from October/Halloween

Here's an entire month in one blog post :)  I hope this teaches me a lesson to keep up with my blog in the future (but probably not).  Anyway, October was a great.  It was full of fall fun (and unfortunately not enough sleep).

We did lots of fun outings and I remembered the camera for most of them.  We'll start off with our trip to the pumpkin patch. 
Audrey sitting on a big pumpkin
Pony rides
 Hay ride
 Gus waiting for Audrey to play in the bouncy house
 Baby on a pumpkin

Next up is our trip to Grant's farm with our neighbors

Audrey with the goats
 Audrey with Finley
 Feeding the camel
 The Fam (right before we went for the free beer)

Here are some pics of Audrey's Halloween parade at pre-school.

Gus and I waiting for it to start
 The kids singing Halloween songs
 Our spooky spider on parade

And now for Halloween. 

Here we are before leaving for Trick or Treating and a party
 Audrey Trick or Treating

 And Gus Trick or Treating

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