Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valenine's day! I made cheesy chicken fondue casserole, and we lit the fire place. Will bought me some nice flowers and Audrey made her daddy a Valentine. Unfortunately, the evening ended with Audrey getting sick all over our bed. Poor girl, we think she has the stomach flu. Here are some pictures.

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Beverly said...

Shannon, I've forgotten to check your blog in a while and was so happy to see these cute pics of your V-day! I love AJ's cute diaper with the heart on it! The dinner you made sounds yummy, too.

Poor Audrey Jane, I hope she's all recovered from the flu now. Jack got sick for the first time this past weekend, with a fever and sniffles. :( It was a virus and he's fine now, but I was so stressed and sad to see him sick!